Who’s Aerohire?


  • Home base is Whakatane Airport, New Zealand.
  • Fly regularly from Opotiki and Galatea.
  • Operate a Cessna 152 and SportCruiser aircraft
  • Block Courses available, Pilot Certificates, PPL and CPL
    (Both Ground and Flying)
  • Big focus on the Art of Flying,
    You will learn how easy it is to fly accurately.
Supporting Aviation


1. To introduce people to aviation with �Have a go @ flying�.
2. To provide the challenges and adventures that learning to fly offers.
3. Make sure that pilots have an aircraft that they can hire.
4. To see that smaller flying clubs have access to aircraft and experienced instructors on a regular basis.
5. To run regular Aviation Ground Theory courses for new and experienced pilots.

Meet your Chief Instructor

Peter Rutledge
Commercial Pilot / Instructor

Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot (CSIP)

Few Aviation Mile Stones
First Solo : 28 Jun 1980 (Age 16)
Private Pilot Licence : 6 May 1981
Commercial Pilot Licence : 25 July 1983
Instructor Rating : 21 April 1986.
Setup Aerohire : 25 Mar 2008
Back Ground
Born and bred in Whakatane, brought up on a dairy farm in Awakeri. Went to Awakeri Primary School and then Whakatane High School. Started work stacking shelves in a grocery store and then milked cows for a few years. Followed by pruning a few pine trees before getting my first flying job.
Which was as an Instructor for the Tauranga Club in the late eighties, by the nineties was in the IT Industry writing software and only flying part-time.
In the late 2000’s I decided I needed to let the aviation bug take over again and got back into aviation setting up Aerohire which I own and run.

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Amazed looking back as a 17-18 year old with a Private Pilots Licence,  the number of people who were prepared to come flying with me. Now today in my 50’s I drive out to the airport to run the Flying School with the same enthusiasm I had as a 16 year old driving to the airport to Learn to Fly. Learning to Fly is a great challenge in Adventure what makes aviation really intoxicating is the combination of freedom and responsibility.
Aviation Objectives
Now my main objective is to see as many people as possible get the same benefits out of aviation that I have been privileged to have.

I do this by helping you where ever you would like to go in aviation,
  • whether it is just a trial flight to find out what it’s like to fly
  • to do a first solo so you can say that I have flown an aircraft by myself
  • or carry on to a Private Pilots Licence so you can take your friends and family flying
  • make a career out of it and do a Commercial Pilot Licence and / or Instructor Ttraining
At the end of the day it is your choice and I’m here to help you achieve your objectives in aviation