Aerohire is run as an informal yet professional Flight Training Organisation.
Which means, that if your circumstances change, you can just stop flying without any future financial commitment.
  • Compare Apples with Apples
 Another way to compare apples with apples is to consider the cost of your last vehicle upgrade. So by putting off your regular vehicle upgrade for just a year or two and putting the funds toward a Pilot Licence; upgrading your car in few years’ time, then you would have a Pilot Licence and a new car!
  • Is Flying Safe?
When I first started learning to fly in my teens I subscribed to “Civil Aviation” to get hold of all the accident reports.
Not one of them made me concerned about flying!
In fact they put my mind at rest..
When you look at an accident or incident generally, without exception there are at least three contributing factors that if any one of them were handled (sorted out), then the accident would have likely not have happened.
  • Your Overseas Trip…
  • By looking at enjoying flying lessons in the same light as enjoying your overseas trip. What do you have after your trip? A life experience! So this is the same for flying, so even if you don’t keep your Pilot Licence current or only just do the first solo. You have the same sort of life experience. Having flown an aircraft by yourself, what value would you put on the life-long sense of achievement and satisfaction knowing you can fly?
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