Private Pilot Licence Theory (PPL)

 – Principles of Flight, 
 – Meteorology, 
 – Human Factors, 
 – Navigation, 
 – Aviation Law, 
 – Flight Radio Telephone Operator (FRTO). 
For pilots these courses are to the Private Pilot standard with a focus on the Recreational Certificates. 
For the non-pilot/enthusiast we run an abbreviated theory course focusing on the more interesting sections of the syllabus
Our briefing room is set up for adult education.
The Aviation Theory is discussed around a boardroom table instead of schoolroom layout. This means your Instructor talks with you and not at you from the front of the class. Added to this, we have specialised software which is interactive and presents the theory in an interesting and easy to remember manner.
Why a Qualified Instructor?
The main reason for having a Qualified Instructor with you is that people will interpret the same information differently. Thus an Instructor’s job is to check your interpretation of the information. And is the main reason for keeping the class sizes small.
This is something that an Instructor should never say …
… “You are only learning this to pass your exam” 
All the information in the theory courses is very relevant. I am the first to admit that you do not use all of it all the time and a lot of it very rarely. 
With this information tucked away in your brain cells it will affect your thinking and approach to your flying challenges and this is the important point that most people don’t realise.
Principles of Flight
By understanding how a wing works, the pilot has a very clear understanding what they can and can’t do with an aeroplane
By understanding the weather you can decide where and when it is safe to go flying.
Human Factors
This is a new subject that was added about 15 years ago. They have got the maintenance sorted with the aircraft nowadays and there is rarely an issue with maintenance. However, there are still pilots getting themselves into strife. This subject looks at how the pilot thinks and approaches situations.
Although nowadays a lot of flying is done using GPS’s – which could stop working so the pilot still needs to know how to read a map and work out times it will take to get somewhere. Also covers how much fuel you are going to require for the flight etc.
Aviation Law
One reason why you need to know the law is so that you know when you have stepped over the line. Thus will give you time to get your story sorted out on the flight home. 
On a serious note, behind each regulation has been an accident and the question you need to ask yourself is “are you actually better than the person who had the accident?”
Flight Radio Telephone Operator (FRTO)
In talking with a few pilots I have found them scared of Controlled Zones and airports. They tend to fly around them, taking longer – where with a clear understanding of how the radio terminology is to be used controlled zones are really easy to fly through.
Non-pilot’s Overview
This is a 2 hour theory course and we spend half an hour each on meteorology, human factors, navigation and principles of flight.
Courses are run on demand so please email me as to which courses you would like to do and when would be suitable.
School Gateway Program
On passing your CAA Private Pilot Theory Exams it just simply a case of applying to the ATTTO for your Credits. 
‘Learn to Fly’ also has Credits you can earn for most stages.