Aerohire started as a dream around 50 years ago - Flying School

Aerohire can trace its origin back 50 odd years to …

A 6-year-old lad is getting to see the inside of a Cessna 172 at the Galatea Airfield.

“His dream of flying was born!”

10 years later, at age 16, this dream turned into reality, when this young fellow got to fly solo for the first time at the Whakatane Airport. That created the next vision of gaining a “Private Pilots Licence” to take his friends and family flying.

Wow! 17 years old and holding a “Private Pilot Licence”. Just shows that anyone with dreams and prepared to work towards them will always create the reality they desire. All this worked the same again for this pilot to earn his “Commercial Pilots Licence” and “Instructor Rating”.

Then the ultimate dream came true with a “Job Flying”!

Started working part-time as a “Flying Instructor” and then got a full-time flying job at the Tauranga Aero Club; this is the late eighties.

Skip ahead a few decades to 2012, where the opportunity to set up a flying school at Whakatane Airport showed up.

With supportive flying instructors, a modern hangar with briefing rooms and six different aircraft to take people up in. Along with a Flight Simulator and Online Theory courses. He now gets to spend his days sharing his passion for flying by helping others turn their flying dreams into reality.

Seen this young lad followed his vision, is now in his late fifties,

he gets to continue, “living the dream”.