8.24 Atmospheric Moisture to Clouds

Requirements for cloud to form:

  • Saturated Air – Temperature equals Dew Point or below.
  • Condensation Nuclei – Dust, smoke etc.

Lifting Processes:

  • Orthographic – mountains.
  • Frontal Wedging – rising over cool air at fronts.
  • Convergence – two air masses meet
  • Localized lifting – lifting from thermals and rises.

Types of Clouds:

  • Cirrus – High thin wispy clouds.
  • Cumulus – Puffy smaller clouds.
  • Stratus – Layered clouds, sheets.
  • Cirro(prefix) – Added to cloud name, indicates high altitude.
  • Alto(prefix) – Added to cloud name, indicates mid altitude.
  • Nimbo(prefix) – Added to cloud name, indicates dark colour and rain.
8.22.2 Describe the cloud formation process.
8.22.10 Describe the following lifting mechanisms found in the atmosphere:
(a) orographic;
(b) convection (including ‘thermals’);
(c) turbulence;
(d) widespread ascent (including fronts)
8.22.8 Describe the meaning of the following cloud terms:
(a) cumulus or cumulo (prefix);
(b) stratus or strato (prefix);
(c) alto (prefix);
(d) nimbo (prefix) or nimbus (suffix);
(e) cirrus or cirro (prefix).
8.24.4 Describe the following types of precipitation:
(a) rain;
(b) drizzle;
(c) snow;
(d) sleet;
(e) hail