Pilot Certificate
Lets you fly such aircraft as a microlight, glider, parachute, hang glider, and paraglider. Aerohire will be training for Microlight Certificate.


To be issued with a Pilot Certificate you must:

  • Be at least 16 years of age to hold a full Certificate
  • Hold a medical declaration issued by your General Practitioner
  • Pass written examinations
  • Pass a practical Fight Test
Medical Declaration
The Medical is usually done by your own GP and they check you to the standard of a private vehicle licence. Thus, if you are legally allowed to drive out to the airport, then I’m allowed to teach you to fly and send you solo.
Written Exams
  1. Principles of Flight
  2. Meteorology
  3. Human Factors
  4. Navigation
  5. Aviation Law
  6. Flight Radio Telephone Operator (FRTO)

These exams are under the Sport Aviation Corp (or if required RAANZ) system. Running ground theory courses is what Aerohire specialises in.

Practical Flight Test
You are eligible to sit this after you have done 50 hrs flying. From Day 1 we teach you to fly accurately so meeting these standards, required for this Flight Test is just like a normal flight for you.
First Solo
Most people achieve their First Solo between 10 and 15 hrs of flying.
Our Sportcruiser Aircraft is registered as a Class II Microlight and used for all our Pilot Certificate Training