8.32.12 Flying around Thunderstorms

Three stages in the life-cycle of a thunderstorm:

  • Cumulus/ Growing Stage – Strong updrafts, often suspending all water or ice
  • Mature Stage – Heavy water and Ice overcome updrafts and fall at a great rate.
  • Decaying Stage – Updraft cease, only downdrafts remaining at great speeds and usually great participation

Hazards associated with thunderstorms:

  • Cumulus/ Growing Stage – Light Aircraft can be forced upwards by the updrafts.
  • Mature Stage – Falling water, ice and air mix with updrafts causing severe turbulence. Squalls and Wind shear. Low visibility. Lightning
  • Decaying Stage – Squalls, severe turbulence, Wind shear and loss of altitude due to downdrafts
8.30.4 Describe the three stages in the life-cycle of a thunderstorm.
8.30.6 List the hazards associated with thunderstorms.

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