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18.22 Why all the World’s Maps are Wrong

18.22.2 – Explain the difficulties associated with representing a spherical shape on a flat surface.
  • The Earths image cannot be displayed as a flat image without being cut or stretched. Distorting the image.
  • Trade offs between shape, size or direction are made to create flat maps.
18.22.4 – Describe the process of creating:
18.22.6 – List and explain the properties of:
18.22.8 – List and explain the uses of:

(a) a Mercator projection;

  • Created by varying distance between latitude lines. Stretching the area at the poles to create a rectangular image.
  • Preserves direction and shape. Distorts Distance and Size.
  • Lines drawn between two points can be followed by maintaining a constant heading.

(b) a Lambert’s conformal projection.

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